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Departure 7:30h - 18h Return

Day Tour // Marrakech - Essaouira - Marrakech

'The Land of Argan'

You go for a unique discovery in the world, a tree which gorws nowhere else in Morocco, Argan. With its 800'000 hectares and 20 million trees, the argan tree is the second most common tree of Morocco. This tree has a large economic interest as used for multiple purposes such as wood is used as fuel, the leaves and fruits that are forage for goats and camels. It is also a way to fight against creeping desertification and is mostly a source of income for people delivered to the precariousness and exclusion in this region.

Over the course of a turn, it is common and fun to see goats hoisted on the branches of the argan tree, feeding on young shoots and the fruit, leaving the core (or kernel) that contains the service the man who collects and uses for the production of oil.

At about 170km from Marrakech, Essaouira, old Portuguese fortified city formely kown as Mogador, appeared in its white and blue in the daylight, and pink contrast when the sun caressed its ramparts, city of artists (painters, musicians, writers etc.) craft (woodworking cedar, jewelry, weaving etc.) and sacred music Gnawa (Gnaoua Music Festival every last week of June).

The picturesque medina is hosted by the local way of life, its port brings us back to past centuries, where you can eat in the fresh fish of the day. On the way back, 20km of Essaouira a break is in a women's cooperative of Argan oil production and products that will reveal all its secrets, as used in food cosmetology and traditional medicine.

Apart from the desire to preserve this ancient tree, cooperatives are also the origin of a new life of the women who work with joy. Widowed or divorced for the most part, they could not leave their homes or feed their children and provide for the basic needs of their families. Throuth this activity revived, they could be rehabilitated in a professional life and regain their human dignity.

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