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Be our guest not just a client

The mission of us is to promote Morocco and the South of Morocco in a welcome, friendly and easy way while preserving their traditions and culture.

Its conviction that travel through the Door to Sahara (Province of Zagora) is possible without stress and doubt. To calm down and to protect yourself of potencial Burn-out of all the hecticness in the world. Who does not know that?

Or just to inspire the Million of stars and - if you are lucky - Falling Stars.

We provide also essential services, first and foremost as Bader Monika Morocco desire to migrate to big cities or other countries. Our activity helps preserving a part of the local population as we are mainly buying local goods and all our employees are originating from the region.

We meet the Sahara and the Kingdom, the environment as people and the animals with respect and esteem while preserving their traditions and culture. 

We have a lot of possibilities to make your dreams come true and to experience unforgetable holiday

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