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One Day // Marrakech - Ouzoud - Marrakech

'Seven Colors of the Rainbow'

Departure 7:30h - 18:30h Return

The village of Ouzoud is in a strategic location: the meeting point of two of the four main mountain ranges of Morocco, Mittle Atlas and High Atlas. This site, listed as one of the 'wonders of nature', offers the possibility of a beautiful hiking to gain the heights of its beautiful and breathtaking waterfalls located 110m above sea level, by a tortuous path to maountainside in the middle of a vast olive grove and along the three waterfalls.

Ouzoud Waterfalls are one of the most remarkable natural attractions of the Atlas, Moroccan busy with their impressive water flow and and arc in almost constant sky.

Enjoy the pleasure of a swim at the foot of waterfalls, under waterfalls or pools formed naturally. Lunch feet in the water, one of the many eateries punctuating this site, colorful and authentic tajines intoxicating by smell of spices are activities that will enhance this magnificent tour.

The trek continues and ends with the visit Iminifri caves, ancient places of mobile homes and meeting with macaque monkeys living freely in the wild in the High Atlas.

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