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One Day // Marrakech - Asni & Valley Oourika - Marrakech

Departure 9h - 17h Return

Two steps from Marrakech Asni and Valley Ourika, inhabited mainly by Berber population, extend over sixty km. Valley Ourika is the favorite destination of Marrakchis, particulary during periods of high heat. The visit of these valley is by a winding road through the contours of the mountain chain of the High Atlas to the nuanced and varied landscapes, green, where nature has largely remained intact.

Traditional houses made of mud and straw (the mud) litter dramatically hillsides; shephards leading their flocks and mule drive these countries that let imagine the hostility of life there...

The origin of this legendary hospitality among the poor as among the rich, is that nomads for whom it is an honor to receive a newomer as if family.

The discovery continues, the road plunging into the High Atlas and through many villages, discover the green laeves and the cultures that surround the wadis where water is abundant throughout the year in this region.

Direction Setti Fatma village at 1400m altitude, where the road ends. It is here that start hiking to explore the 'seven waterfalls Ourika', accompanied by myself (privat) or one of our local guides (group). It is better to bring good walking shoes as the climb on slippery rocks is not always easy. The less energetic simply to admire the stunning views of the valley and the mountains Yaghour from te first waterfall. The more experienced the 'mountain hiking' leave for more than 2h to explore the seven famous waterfalls.

And for stronger, they begin the ascent of Mount Toubkal, the highest point of the High Atlas and North Africa, at an altiude close to that of Mont Blanc, 4167m, located in the middle of a beautiful natural park.

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